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Topic: [VIDEO] Teeworlds CTF5 - Movement using grenade

Hello guys!

I made a video showing useful moves for CTF5 using grenade. You can find it here. It is basically a collection of short demos rather than a tutorial. The aim is to show the common (and not so common) ways to gain speed or to take shorter paths when needed. I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, however, I had to drop the very simple moves since they are countless and obvious. While it's true that the simplest moves are usually the most effective, more complex ones may be needed in some edge cases, which is the focus of this video.

Criticism is welcome.
Cheers ^^

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Re: [VIDEO] Teeworlds CTF5 - Movement using grenade

Holy shit. I didn't know it was actually possible to get up there without rocket in ctf5 (scene starting at 2:02 in the video).