Topic: Football Leages (fifa games in world)

hi dear nabs, smile

Football Leages :
here  it is  :
we have already runned Persian football Leage
and we have 6 team in leage  with about 60 players

-how is it ?
its a real  football leage  you can join leage as  anything  : player , Coach , trainer , Referee , CEO , or   Run your team .....

you will eran  money then but its fake money in website <> you will eran skills  and  will be upgrate  , 
You can  buy stadium too for your team ., you can buy part of team and ...... els

PunBB bbcode test

PunBB bbcode test

PunBB bbcode test

i know your ping maybe  bad too Iran servers ! so run your Leage for your country

-How to run Leage ? :

just contact me first and then go Advertising in your country servers !
and make your leage with others !

-Fifa Community :

when you run your own leage for your country contact me we will make Fifa world team
every country can have 1 member in this community
so will Run fifa world Cup , Europe Leage , champion leage ...... and els

-National team :
if you cant run leage too , dont worry , you can make National team too and will join World cups and els ...

Leages online for now :
Persian Leage ( you can join our leage too if you have good ping to us )

demos : soon

join  my telegram group  teeworld players  :  https://t.me/teeworlds2019
Teeworld Developers group : https://t.me/teeworldsdev