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Topic: [GAME] Teeworms


[GAME] pngs:

Worms Mod!!!

-with Worms skins
-Worms Weapons

Download Link:

http://files.filefront.com/Teewormsrar/ … einfo.html


My Ice Mod-is back!

here is the new Ice Mod:

Screenshots from the old version:

new Version:




Little Tee: a normal tee in little smile (pls rename it into "Little Tee")


Rename it into "little Tee": pls

Tee-Eater: (pls rename it into "Tee-Eater")




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Nice ^^
Thank you ;D


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Thats look great


Re: [GAME] Teeworms



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Don't like it. It isn't ( and will never be ) possible to force worms to move ( I mean turning and similar ). By the way: all those graphics are copyrighted by Team17 ( or something like that, forgot the name ).


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yes,but i will not use them to sell something-this is my "Fan-Projekt" of Worms and no game or something like that,which i want to sell and make money with it...

PS: my ice mod is back!


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I don’t think „it’s my fan project” would amount to anything if they (Team 17) wanted to get their hands on you.

It’s doubtable they will – true – but they have every justification they need.

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OMG dont make a big thing from it, very nice the worms mod, go on !

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Re: [GAME] Teeworms

Ok, I’ll rephrase that: it’s very very very +very+ doubtable that they will. Actually it’s so improbable that we might discard the idea right here. Is that better? You feel my post is less “big-dealish” now? Or should I have used more "very"?

Edit: Look post below. I live to serve smile.

Dani, rope = suicide still. Liver got used to it so don't mind.


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One more very would be nice xD


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pls rename the thread in [GAME/SKINS] Rayzoned

---> look on my first post:
             NEW: a skin -little Tee


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Can you give me the link of your first post???

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n.samantha wrote:

Can you give me the link of your first post???

Please, don't post in old topics. Some of them need to stay old, just because the developer is not active anymore or because it wasn't really a nice idea, or even because all links are broken. You are a new member and we say welcome to you byt before posting read the guidelines, the F.A.Q., or better the whole Manual. Again, welcome ti the community and avoid to post in old topics wink

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