Topic: Teeworlds Webinterface


A couple of you have been noticed of the DDoS attacks against Teevision.eu.

Due to those DDoS Attacks he stoped hosting servers.

I would like to take his place. To be able to provide free/paid server for everyone! The big difference will be that I will only use servers/hosting that will be DDoS-Protected. I currently have a couple DDoS-protected Servers and I sponsor DDNET GER with one of them.

I would like to find somebody or a couple, php-programmers and webdesigners. Because I would like to offer them a (paid/free) job. I would want an easy Teeworlds webinterface.

I know UPTEE is an open source teeworlds webinterface but due to some reasons I can/will not use it.

Is there anyone around here able to program in php & willing to build such an interface. I would want it in php because the plan is to develop it furder in the future to TeamSpeak and MineCraft.

If you think you are able to do it, or a part of it. Please let me know so we can work something out.

A short description of what I would want is;

A Teeworlds webinterface

People can manage their tw-servers (map/settings of the mod/start/etc)
Free tw-servers
Paid tw-servers => with points. Points can be given by administrator or reseller.
possibility to add multiple host-Servers
Users can add their server for private use.
Has to be able to couple with linux/windows
The user can choose where to host their tw-server. if they prefer GER server or so. And choose up to 3 most-prefered servers.
The servers can have a custom set by the admin/user that couples it.
If the #1 prefered server closes/goes down. It should restart on the #2.
They can choose the port that they want to use. (if its available)
automatic restart of the tw-server if it crashes or so.

I would like to be able to allow users to use any mod that is allowed by me.

Those are the biggest requirements for now. smile

Please reply if you are intrested in working on it. For more info/prices/etc.