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Topic: [MAP] LanMUSA (DDRace map)

Hello all! There is 4 old maps (like: LanVALAN, LanMUSA etc.), but they were transformed for DDRace 2014, have fun !
These maps I made only for fun, you may use them for training, because they are very simple) Also I made some secret places, that I called "omg 1", "omg 2" etc.

Gametype: DDRace
Version: 0.6.2
Max clients: 16 Players
Map size: one map ~230 KB
Download: LAN_MAPS
or this link: LAN_MAPS
Screenshot 1: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/ed3282cec611/1111.jpg
Screenshot 2: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/fed77b164f5e/22222.jpg