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Topic: Introduction of TopNotch

Hello everyone.

I'm pretty new to this game, actually my brother brought me here.
I saw the in-game serverlist so I thought, maybe I could set up a server for my brother since I have a VPS.
I know a several languages, Lua/Python/HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript and AutoIt.
I made some mods for a game called Counter-Strike 2D, and have a community for that game (CS2Dworld.com).
So, maybe later you'll see some mods (if possible) from me for Teeworlds. ;p



Re: Introduction of TopNotch

Hi and welcome!

Teeworlds is easy and fun to mod once you get the structure. Ofc it's a bit tricky if u dont know c++, but once you get it compiled (which is super easy) the rest comes easy. There's many devs hanging out at irc too. wink


Re: Introduction of TopNotch

You should see here first https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=7955
It contain everything and mods if u want to go and see .
If this isn't what you want then see also here https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=8937
In fact making mods are so much easier if you have Ubuntu (Linux) .
And make sure that you read this tutorial https://www.teeworlds.com/?page=docs&id=168
Well that's all .


Re: Introduction of TopNotch

Thanks. I set up my server already on my VPS, everything worked smoothly. (;