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Topic: [CLIENT]Asia Languages Inputing Support

This used to be a client that I made for myself and my friends which called C-Client[China-Client or Custom-Client].

There was a lot of feature that I want to do.
But I'm so excited, I can't wait to release the IME supporting version.
(for windows. linux should be able to Input Chinese.)
This is so well done (I think), and I can't wait to let the Asia players test it!

So here it is.[The pic was made by many pieces of screenshots.]
IME supporting

[I'm a copycat mostly, so lots of codes were "copied" from others, so I have to thank you guys]

Feature list:
Anti-ping [from TDTW] (Fixed Hook display in Demo)
Teecomp-Stats [from Sushitee's Client-Pack] (Only the Stats, not the whole Teecomp. Added "restart" detection)
GameTexture Swicher & Laser Custom [By TsFreddie]
And a lot of feature I want to add in the future.

About IME and SDL2:
Most based on: SDL to SDL2 [By Swick](Great work!)
Port to 0.6.2
Using the wqy_microhei font to support Asia Languages.
Modifyed the Clipboard, make it paste on the cursor, not the end of line.
Improved the IME supporting, Add SetIME function avoid the IME crush the game.(and better experience for inputing)
Added TextEditing Event supporting, to make you see the text you inputing.
Fixed sens, make it usable, Swick version can't adjust the sens.
Fixed Mouse6\7(Side Button) supporting.
Added Windowed Fullscreen, you can't use alt+tab in "fullscreen" borderless windows, but the Windowed Fullscreen is fine.
And maybe some details fix.

Source and Release:
Release(Windows 32bit only):https://github.com/TsFreddie/teeworlds/ … t-test.zip

However, it's still WIP, there are still things to be improved.

Greet from China!
Teeworlds Chinese Website


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Nice work freddie


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Good work ! This could be extremly attractive (to asian players)

Nice job freddie

Not Magic.Just Luck.


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but its not support Persian language !


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china-client xD

I will be banned if I troll again ...