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I am finally getting around to updating the few maps that I've made. I had to correct a lot of graphic errors because of the changes to the desert tile set.

That brings me to my question, is it likely that the tile sets are going to change again soon?

How do the mappers, players or devs feel about Embeding the standard sets? Does anyone care?


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Re: Embed or Link?

considering the pace of tw dev. i wouldnt worry about it, but i was annoyed they didnt just include 0.5 tiles


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With o.7 some of the tilesets will be broken (again) YAY. But as far as I can see 0.7 is still some way to go.

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Re: Embed or Link?

@Landil, thanks for the info.

Since no one seems to have an issue against embeding the original tile sets, I'll do that wink