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Topic: [ctf] four

hi i want to present you my new ctf map. i wrote this before but got deleted due refresh so im keeping it short now. its a floating isle with two bases, offering plenty of ways to reach the other one. everyone has carefully adjusted benefits and drawbacks. you can do many tricks to give yourself slight advantages and it makes fun to find and use them. youll find them and even more out yourself probably. if you find any (graphical) bugs let me know them. i maybe rework the background to make it moving less for some 3d effects and some other optical stuff later. note that i worked on this map multiple month and most gametiles are there a result of dozens of changes and explicit decisions after hours of playtime based on my own preferences. also i do not have the need to suit someone others needs, so dont expect me to change stuff in your interest, though im open to contructive feedback. have fun with this map as much as i do.
map: https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … 9/four.map
ingamescreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/f4130ff159.png
editorscreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/bd44ac881c.png


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Nice map!

nya~ :3c
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