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hey and thank you for viewing to this topic and im so sorry that i have published too many topics but what to do you guys are the only ones who can help me :S so thank you
i'm hosting a server and its called HardCoreRace and i wanna add maps on callvote but its not working and i also want the server have 16 max clients and its 6 now please help! heres my server Config
sv_name HardCoreRace
sv_port 8303
sv_external_port 0
sv_max_clients 16
sv_max_clients_per_ip 2
sv_map Purple Panic_be9f3d48
add_vote map Eagle_Race_4
add_vote map Eagle_Race_3
add_vote map Eagle_Race_2
add_vote map Eagle_Race_1
sv_rcon_max_tries 3
sv_rcon_bantime 7
sv_spamprotection 1
sv_vote_kick 1
sv_vote_kick_bantime 7
sv_vote_kick_min 5
sv_max_clients_per_ip 2
sv_tournament_mode 1
sv_gametype DDRace
sv_scorelimit -9999
sv_register 1
sv_reserved_slots 10
thank you so much and sorry for being annoying again :S


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Like Heinrich said in the previous topic the correct syntax is

add_vote "Eagle_Race_1" "sv_map Eagle_Race_1"


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oh thanks i didnt know that i have to stick them together xD

but do you know how i can make the server max players 16?

and thanks for your cooperation


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Maybe it's because of this:

sv_reserved_slots 10


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i typed that command also and didnt work :S


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I meant you should set it to 0


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last question zargon how i can open more than a server because when itry to open the server 2 times only one  opens :S and i wanna have 3servers

sorry for being annoying and thank you


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Oxsouls wrote:

sorry for being annoying and thank you

The only thing being annoying about your posts is that little sentence.


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Use different ports  (sv_port)

I Love Teeworlds <3


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Well I said sorry for being annoying for the one who wants to help me so if you want to help me im sorry for being annoying and if you dont want to help please just stay away from this topic and as you saw theres more than 100 view and only one guy who wants to help me so if yo want to help me type your replay and thank you if you done that and if you dont want to just be a viewer. 

Thank you for that replay.