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Hi Everyone, i just made a HTML5 Tee Skin Player

You can select files (multiple) from your computer (skin file for tee in png format) or you can drag the png skin, like if you find a tee skin on a website, you can just drag and drop the image without saved it to your computer.

It the 0.1 version, so i expected some new features and maybe bugs. This version has been tested on firefox chrome and opera. Internet explorer has not been tested and i expected that it doesn't work (feedback will be good, because i'm from linux).

try to drag this image :
PunBB bbcode test (Skin made by wHy, not me, here the link to see his works)

Unzip the file and Open the file named H5TTSP.html (it's mean HTML5 Teeworlds Tee Skin Player)
You can go back to other previously open skin by changing the index number.
You can have a preview with different eye, just click on the box with eye you wanted to see.

Here the link to download the player (.zip) : H5TTSP 0.1

Thank you and have a nice day.


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the feet don't look in the right place, and the eyes seem too low maybe


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Thx for the feedback. I wasn't so sure for the eye. i'm going to check if i can make fit to the right place for the eye and for the feet.


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link off line