Topic: [IDEA] Teeworlds for IPAD??

Can someone please port teeworlds for ipad,ipod or iphone??

People got it to work on Android...
Why not Ipod,Ipad or Iphone??


Re: [IDEA] Teeworlds for IPAD??

Wouldn't Teeworlds be hard to play well on an Itouch system? So... On a normal pc..  You use mouse to change aiming direction and hook direction.. movement in game needs to be fast or slow depending.. You need to change directions quickly.. shooting reactions need to be quick (Itouch stuff has massive lag time on touch. All of the times I've used it thats been true) Pressing buttons is faster than moving your hands... Yeah... playing Teeworlds skillfully (more that just walking, shooting and getting killed..) On Ipad would be REALLY hard. Since you shoot, aim, hook, and move at the same time during gameplay. Doing all that on an Ipad is impossible.

Well.. sorry, but I can't help you besides giving you support that someone is probably willing to do what you want.



Re: [IDEA] Teeworlds for IPAD??

i agree with kirby and there is one more thing that if someone never played tw in PC and he played it the first time in TOUCH system he will hate the game

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Lazy dev


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Check this.