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Topic: [MAP] CTF_Rivers - CTF

I'm very pleased to announce my first proper map.

CTF map, suitable for up to 12 players. Not quite as long as CTF2, not as short as CTF1 but game play elements of both combined. Very cool looking level!

Version 1.0.0 - Fully tested with no bugs (except for one minor cosmetic issue if you see it tongue)



Download link: http://filebin.ca/ntxtzd/CTF_Rivers.map


Re: [MAP] CTF_Rivers - CTF

I think this map is nice, but there is one thing that bothers me about it. I think it is a bit to easy to snatch the enemy flag, and get away with it. The opponents didn't have a chance to stop me. I'm not sure it it was the map or the opponents, but I still think it is a bit to open around the flags.

But part from that, it's really a nice map. smile

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Re: [MAP] CTF_Rivers - CTF

Thank you for the feedback!

I'll keep that in mind...

perhaps a vertical wall or a kind of cage around the flag would be better? or have an inlet into a vertical wall that has the flag in it, and have the wall very close to the back of the level so there's a narrow entrance/exit?