Topic: Request : a new default bind

all the time playing non vanilla i will type /info or something,  so i press T then /
but in Minetest you can just press / & the chat pops up with a Slash!
saving the time of pressing T then slash (/)
this Bind makes it so that when the slash key is pressed chat pops up with a / so i can just type info  saving time over & over again

bind slash "+show_chat; chat all /"

so lets save some time for all the players who what to type /something & make it default

PS does anyone  else think this would be a good addition ?

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Re: Request : a new default bind

Back in my day we use for this a custom client.
Iam sorry for destroying your illusions, but the dev-team isn't mod-friendly; so this bind will never become a standard

I will be banned if I troll again ...

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Re: Request : a new default bind

delete my post pls.

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