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siimon wrote:

just one thing: When making a map, I can change the colors from the tileset in Blue red yellow and A(idk what A is) But when there is a Black part in the tileset I can not change the color(black is no color) so i ask you, PLEASE make "W" too!(White) so you make it white, and than its possible again to recolor a black block. PLEASE DO THIS.

This is not possible.

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Re: The automapper

why not:(? black is No color so it cannot be changed in white?? (BTW what means "A"?)
well... when that doesnt work, pls add this: (sorry im switching from map to tab)
when pressing tab, u can see: "(connecting)" when someone is connecting.. verry usefull.
(and by the way, saying: 'this is not possible', yeah verry possible.)