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You make good backround, but you have not notice most teeworlds players mäke their öwn bäckrounds and tilesets? Sry Für bad Englisch...

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Re: Working on: jungle tileset (status update)

nice tileset, gg Crises ^^


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very good work big_smile
the brighter background looks much teeisher than the old dark one.
its also a good idea, to make the background tileable.
but i dont know, what a owl-statue is doing in an jungle V_O? isn't that some kind of "forest" bird, an not jungle?
i love the new unhookables big_smile so cartoonish <3
but i dont exactly know, what to say to the new gras...

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Re: Working on: jungle tileset (status update)

If someone wants to see more, here is an erlier screenie smile

btw awesome work as usual.


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Landil wrote:

There are 18 different stone variations (9 big, 9 small ones), 14 of them are rectangles with rounded edges, 4 of them are edge tiles and have a slightly different design (3 rounded edges + 1 even more rounded edge; those about which you are complaining) to create a lil bit more variation. The design follows the generic unhookables + standard style. In addition the stones are clearly distinguishable(!) from the standard main tiles, which is done by purpose to enable the players to recognize immediately that these tiles are not standard tiles.

This shows the graphic team huge work, I'm really impressed and I'm waiting patiently the official release wink

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Re: Working on: jungle tileset (status update)

Man, this looks sweet! big_smile I can hardly wait to see this map officially distributed with TW.

Off-topic: By the way, there was a castle CTF map available for 0.4.x. It was a great map for large teams. Is there any chance 0.6 will recycle and even upgrade some of the older maps?