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So you want it to be a lasergun rather than a sniper-gun?


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yeah cool lasergun xD

Sry if my language is bad >.<
im from germany:o


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the laser is the sniper because it fills 3 key requirements
1. it fires straight (no arc or spread)
2. high damage (otherwise your using a pistol)
3. low ammo (because a full clip would be broken)

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hello @ all i´m new in this forum and i´m german(my english isn´t so great^^)

can i download this weapon? where?
i have seached with google but i cant find the downloadlink.

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welcome at the forum,DeBaum.
You cant download it,but it will be contained in version 4.0.
4.0 will be released at the 22th march (i hope it^^)

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