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Yeah...ähm...normally i´m playing www.lofd.de with my Clan...but then i find Teeworld and i liked it ^^

Page: http://clanapokalyp.freeforums.org/

And sry...my english is not really well..^^
AND we don´t have a clanlogo...not yet...
and i don´t know what a irc channel is xDDD

sorry, but my english is not really well ^^
I´ll try my best xD

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We're Alternative                                                                                                                                                   //w®a*

Clanpage: We're Alternative
Mods: Instagib (Partly: DDRace, Vanilla)
Maps: Beachfight, ctf4, roma, desertcamp, pirates
MultiClaning: Not allowed!
Lifetime: Longer than one year
Memberlist: Watch out here!
Memberhistory:Watch out here!

If you want to join you first have to go into //tøw*. You can only join //tøw* if you have 2 of 5 "yes" of the leaders/memberscouts. After being a week in //tøw* you can try to pass testmatches to get 3 of 5 "yes" of the leaders/memberscouts to join //w®a*.


Ingame Name: //w®a* DøñE
Clanpage of //w®a*
Clanmovie of //w®a*


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(LXGC) Linux Gaming Cabal

Were just a small gaming group that is looking for linux gamers of any kind to join us for a few rounds. Your skill level doesn't matter, were just in it for a good time. We usually play sunday afternoons/nights around 3 PM EST (2000 GMT), but we usually have a few people gaming everyday. We host all our own servers for the games. If you wanna play a quick game or just chill out join us in irc at irc.freenode.net #lxgc We have all the info on our site at http://lxgc.gwos.org


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Clanname: FRI-Clan

Clantag: Fri-

Type of Clan: Fun / Multigaming (Trackmania and Teeworlds)

Language: German

Leader : Fri-Husky

Member/Teeworlds  : Fri-Day , Fri-Flonne , Fri-Gordon , Fri-Gripster

Website : http://www.fri-clan.bplaced.net/

Server : 2 (ICTF and DM)

History : At the beginning we started to play only Trackmania.....but after are while.....we decided to open a Teeworlds Squad because TM get kinda boring

So...don't be scared because we are Multigaming! It's maybe a new experience! Come on and write your Application at our Homepage tongue


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Name: Rage
Tag: [Rage]

Leader: [Rage-L] EatMyLazer
CoLeaders: [Rage-Co.L] W4D3-90 and [Rage-Co.L] Waffels .

Background story:
Me and my friend made the clan just for fun and now its real and growing. big_smile

Working on it ^^

I'll make it when I have time.

- Logo:
Coming soon! yikes

We are mainly playing instagib (lost). But we play also other gamemodes.


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Hi I have a clan is called (| LIAR | Your) can join if you are good enough so the clan is looking for search is a LIAR and if you or a co leader will then pass to the server where the co, or leader, and asks him then there is a 1on1 instagib [No matter what map] PS: LIAR = Love Instagib and race)


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benhopi1 wrote:


Hi I have a clan is called (| LIAR | Your) can join if you are good enough so the clan is looking for search is a LIAR and if you or a co leader will then pass to the server where the co, or leader, and asks him then there is a 1on1 instagib [No matter what map] PS: LIAR = Love Instagib and race)

the link is damaged!

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Clan name: *DoPe*

Background Story:
http://dope.mwik.com/t177-DoPe.htm ---> german version

http://dope.mwik.com/t181-DoPe.htm  ---> english version ( needs to be updated )

It's more than just a short background story but if you are interested u can read it wink

Website: dope-clan.tk   ( http://dope-clan.tk/ )

Irc Channel: atm we dont have an irc channel but if u want to talk with us just look for us ingame or write something on our website.

Logo: http://img10.xooimage.com/files/7/0/2/c … f84f95.png

edit: i got the same request as nightmist:
would be nice if u could add the link to our site instead of linking to this post


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Clan Name: Resonance of Fate (yes . you maybe know the game tongue)

Clan Tag:.RoF

Language: German

Type of Clan: Instagib

Members: Just Me

What we are looking for: Skilled and Fair Players

History: There isn't much to say....we just exist since yesterday tongue

Irc: Not yet

Homepage: http://rof.bplaced.net/

(The New Design is under Construction)

Im also looking for an nice guy which wanna take part as a Co-Leader (only german)

(interested? contact me at our homepage)

Im looking forward to you smile


Re: Teeworlds Clans

- Clan name : TeeSkin
- Website : www.Teeskin.Tk
- Irc channel : [Ts]chat

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Re: Teeworlds Clans




Clan Type:1. Vanilla , 2.Insta

Web Site:http://spinclan.de.vu/



Re: Teeworlds Clans

KoS - Kill on See

CTF team
Forum: http://kosteam.forumactif.com
Founders: M4v4x & Royale


- M4v4x
- Royale
- Krizz
- jo_link_noir
- Sonkun
- P4py
- Cathbad
- TeeKab
- Rembo

95% French people


Re: Teeworlds Clans

big bomb wrote:

comeone why downvote my clan just serisly why?

Because, you've been creating clans, deleting clans, and others. I guess the tw community doesn't like that.
They're basically saying "stick to one clan and stay with it"

USA pride. What now.

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

Nevermind, Clan dead.

Account inactive since 11/8
.. Although i sometimes visit :3...


Re: Teeworlds Clans

A new clan

no advertising/referer links please
- m!nus, at your service

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Name: >|PC.M|< clan
Website: http://www.teeworlds-pcm.pl.tl/
>|PC.M|< is POLISH clan (so we not recrute english tees). PC.M shortcut means PC maniacy, or PC geeks big_smile
IRC channel: #PC.Maniacy
Our films:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJLF7eGp … r_embedded
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-XtiInr … r_embedded
Shogun, with ID 00 (Admin)
HeadShot, with ID 01 (Admin)
CodeName, with ID T (Coach)
$nip-er* (me big_smile), with ID TT (Trial coach)
Tuptus_39, with ID 03
Ulquiorra, with ID 04
Kitty, with ID 05
Diabl0, with ID 06
Kayamo, with ID 07
BigHamster, with ID 08
Dude11, with ID 09
GhostRider, with ID 11
HAKAX*, with ID 13
M!cro, with ID 14
Electrolux, with ID 15
The big Kart (my brother hmm, he is noob), with ID 17

My website: www.teeworldspl.dbv.pl
In game I`m: >|PC.M|<TT $nip-er* PL
I`m in >|PC.M|< clan

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German War3 Vanilla Clan

Leader: Mr.Lucksh0t
Co-Leader: MÖPtooth
Forum: www.zoidberg.clan4um.de
Clanwar? http://zoidberg.clan4um.de/f12-clanwars.html


Re: Teeworlds Clans

- Clan name : Crazing
- Background story : No, just a slogan : The team Teeworlds every Crazing !
- Website : http://crazing.webou.net
- Clan Type : All
- Language : French

Thanx you !

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

The Cobra's Link - Instagib CTF In Teeworlds and some others games like Nexuiz, Warsow, HON, Urban Terror or BloodFrontier

Forum: http://cobraslink.forumactif.net/forum.htm

Founder: Mad

After the end of DragonArmy Clan, I wanted to create a new multigame clan because some persons plays others games.
We are principally a group of friends.
You can read all the story on the forum.

Actually we are four:
- Mad
- Tibar
- OlrelouX
- Juju

If you want to know something more about us, ask us at our forum

We are looking for members who are kind, respectful and mature. The most important is not the skills but the activity and the mentality.
People all over the world can be accepted.

Mad is totally mad
Mad from a lovely french team called |ZPote|


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan Name: The masters
Ninja Killer
The Death
Background history:A idea of my friend Henry
Clan type: all


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Haha... hate to be the barer of bad news again, but exd is also not a clan anymore since yemDX left, and I'd know since I was a member. tongue
So you can take that one off too...

Give others the respect you wish to be respected with. In the mean time, enjoy the website!


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name : Elite Black Templar Esquad ([E~»°ß/T°«E²])
Clan page: ebteteam.xooit.fr
clan type  :good player , International (all )
Member : Not again this is new team
Mod : Ifreeze/fng
Backgroung story : Nothing =)

You are death ? This is normal , becase I am here.


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Der Creatorz Clan sucht Member / The Creatorz Clan search Members
Bitte bewerbt euch hier: http://www.creatorz-clan.de.vu / Please register here: http://www.creatorz-clan.de.vu

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

1. This is an international forum so write in english.
2. There is a clan section. (http://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=5142)
3. Report

» Use the Search Function before opening multiple topics...
» Member of: JsA - Just stay Alloha! (since 2009)

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clanname: MusicPwnz3
Tag: .mp3'
    - Fly (CandleJack)
    - Lord
    - Void (Mic)
    - Lambda
    - Countdown
Working on banner.

IRC: None.
Website: http://www.team-mp3.tk/

History: a Month ago, [Storm] Crashed and I wanted too start a new Clan, .mp3' Was Created. (.mp3' Void) I started getting members and were all very good friends now smile

Mods: Vanilla, Instagib.
Maps: ALL!