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New animation added

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hehe, i like it... do more animations smile


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i like the tee demon very much! Well done Bob!

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Nice Art and animations xD

Maybe add some more images with the question before the long tee turns the head
But its pretty funny ^^

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Yeah... Magic is pretty cool...


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Can you make me an avatar like the first picture?

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Another Pixel-Art added. I dont know how much time I spent on this one hmm (I think its very good for a Paint-Made pic)

@Necromancer maybe someday

Oh and thanks at all for the nice comments big_smile


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very n1 bobsmiley good work tongue smile

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I added some new arts.


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1 qestion: are the last 2 arts inkscape?
the background on the roboter tee... tiled clones ininkscape?
and the finitee... doesnt look as  inkscape for me.

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i mean the graphics are very nice well done

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The Robot is made with inkscape and gimp and the FriTee is hand-drawn.


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the animations are really great ;D i want to see more of them big_smile


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Hmpf, okay smile


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I dont asked you for the tutorial, I think this was bobynator, he made the Twworlds Server Creator hmm

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Re: [ART] By Bobsmiley

Hello, i really like your artwork. The zombie outbreak is really nice, could you make me a tileset of it?


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Main: http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/4552 … 05main.png
Door: http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/6766 … 05door.png
Planet: http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/9661/planett4.png

Credits go to Bobsmiley (Tebob), who made it. Btw, Tebob isn't activ anymore wink

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Re: [ART] By Bobsmiley

Ohw, ok. Thanks by the way,
but i miss the hatches on the background, could someone add these for me?

<<Edit: Oops, these aren't hatches but windows. Sorry.>>


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Great art man, I'll put the demon as a screenshot to my SE Theme on my phone ^^

I have 1 question: Are you Bob -ingame and do you play fng ^,^