Re: Code cleanup and bam improvements


I've an idea: why you don't release the current version of the game as a finale?
I mean...Microsoft has made tons of money with this strategie...



Re: Code cleanup and bam improvements

a.) Microsoft products are usually half-cocked and crappy
b.) The devs want you to play a good, decent, bug-free game
c.) Microsoft is probably not the best business role model for a free open source game.

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Re: Code cleanup and bam improvements

Any progress ?

Don't try to catch the Night !
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Re: Code cleanup and bam improvements

Well done...Well done!

You make a very good job! I'm proud of you!
And please spend as much time as u need to
code TeeWorlds|0.5.0!!

No matter how long we have to wait!

I think everybody of the Community is looking foreward to
this day "XX" !
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But I think a Account System isn't good for this game!
Maybe a Lobby with ignorelist and friendlist and such
things but an account system is crap =/

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