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Preview-images now will only load by scrolling.
Means: When you see them, they will load.

And some size-fixes


Re: Teeskins - Comprehensive Teeworlds Database

I'm I really going to be the only one who says that this site is awesome?

I was wondering when we might see the automappers section became available? Also what is it? Is it a tool for creating auto mappers or a list of them? Auto mappers are so hard to write and I have a lot of mappers I want to release but don't want to without the automappers to go a long with them.

Also I noticed that you can't upload automappers along with mappers. It would be really nice if when you download a mappers requires an automapper that you would download both files in a compressed file. Some users may not understand it but for map makes it would be really nice..

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