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Dear Lappy,
Im writing you this post (in a kind of a letter tongue) to possibly get you to make a skin for me.
Let me introduce you to me:
Im playing this game since the 0.3.1 version was released, i played vanilla/instagib and once i asked a guy "do you know who Lappi is?" he said:"dude he's one of the best graphic editors in the world" so i wondered if you would make a skin for me. It should be something like the following:dark, secret, mysterious... (because my name is nL' iF smile) but something darker and simple not something with all the swords and fancy stuff... Maybe a sword or a scar is enough on it or something.I especially like the cammostripes skin and i would appreciate if you would make one in that style.

Your friend iF

Nice artwork i wish i could make something like that but im more into c++ big_smile


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There is a Skin request thread!

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Im sry for this mistake but where is it?
Never mind i will try to find it
Found it thanks for mh... well nothing big_smile
Thanks for the noticing of my post/problem


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DarkM wrote:

Open your Teeworlds folder, there go to data -> skins, save the skins u want in that folder, then ingame go to Settings -> Player and change u'r skin. smile
The artist gives the skin its own name, so u have to rename the skin to the name that the artist gave him, cause sometimes when u upload pics they get renamed.

but i got a mac n everytime i try it say teeworls cannot be modify [-_-]