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(posted by: Magnet) | 2012-07-29
Wouldn't it be nice to have new, and well-thought official maps when 0.7 is released? It surely would, but different strokes, different folks... map qualities are a subject of quarrel, and there have been failures in the past.

The goal for 0.7 is to release 100% perfect maps for different playing styles and game types. Because this is a lot of work, I will be leading a new "Map Working Group" which determine which maps (and what changes to existing maps) end up as official maps in Teeworlds 0.7.

This is a community process: everyone can simply propose their maps for inclusion in Teeworlds, granted:
- they accept to license their work under the TW license
- their map is accepted by the Jury.

I will lead a Jury composed of different TW players from all ranges of playing level to make sure each map we deliver is fun for most categories of players. No need to apply to the jury here, but if you're interested and committed just talk to me on IRC. Be patient as I'm often away ;). Anyway feel free to take initiative and if you're committed and have good taste, consider yourself a member of the group and make whatever you want happen. I want everyone who feels he should be part of this to be with us.

Standard criteria for maps:
- Tee style
- High-detail and low-details modes
- Standard tilesets (see Artists to ask if we can make new tilesets official)
- Thoroughly tested with in-game action: record demos ("free" camera mode) to make your case

Steps if you want us to propose your map for inclusion in 0.7:
- We will open the process in September and give more details then.

Once again, this is a community process so it depends on the community. I know there are a few good maps in the making but we will need work to get something entirely satisfying.