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(posted by: Landil) | 2011-11-17
Dear communitee,

we are thinking about enriching plain vanilla game play with some further power-ups and changing the ninja. Maybe you have some really creative ideas which suits the teestyle? If you do, please reply to this post and write down how it works. Small concept graphics are appreciated, otherwise describe the graphical effects.

See below for two examples.


Retro shield:
The shield consists of several butterflies which fly around the tee. Each of the butterflies has two or three hitpoints, which means that one of them will be removed, if a grenade or a laser shot hits them. It's not a 100% save shield as there are gaps between the butterflies.

Graphical effects:
Animated butterflies

Ubu's linked health pool
Tees in a certain range around the who got the power-up will share the damage they receive.

Graphical effects:
A "holy" power chain between the linked tees and some special graphics for the tee who has the power-up.