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(posted by: Landil) | 2011-11-06
/!\ This is just an idea - not a single line of code has ben written as of today /!\

Dear communitee,

Today I was doing some brainwork for a next big version (0.7 or 0.8). Some days ago I was chatting with Crises and we discussed the idea of reforming the skin system. You, the players, should have more options when creating and customizing tees. You always asked for more official tee skins and the following approach tries to accomplish this.

The official skins will be atomised into six components. Those are the body, the body pattern, the decoration, the hands and the feet. You will be able to choose between 4 different bodies (circle, kitty, bear, ninja), 13 body patterns (e.g. cammo, cammostripes ...), 3 decorations (hair, onebop, duobop), 1 set of hands (standard), 1 set of feet (standard) and 1 set of eyes (standard).

Before you start moaning - I'm aware of the fact that you want to customize your tee and add custom skins. That is the reason why I thought about an option to choose different eyes, feet and hands. If the skin system will be changed, there will be an option to (hopefully) easily add further skins.

The concept still needs some further polishing and the design may change completely. Besides, is one of the coders able and willing to code the skins system rework?

Yours faithfully,


edit: I made an animated mockup at http://heinrich5991.de/teeworlds/forum/skinsystem_animated_mockup/
edit2: If you are interested in reading the concept I worked out you may read it here