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Tuning reference

Tuning is a way to edit physics and weapon settings so that the server is more customizable. Tuning can only be used on non-pure gametypes. Set the gametype to mod using sv_gametype mod and execute the following in rcon or config to tune a variable:

tune gravity 1.0 where you replace gravity 1.0 with the variable and value you want.

Physics tuning

Tuning Description Default Unit
ground_control_speed Max speed the tee can get on ground 10.0
ground_control_accel Acceleration speed on the ground 2.0
ground_friction Friction on the ground 0.5
ground_jump_impulse Impulse when jumping on ground 13.2
air_jump_impulse Impulse when jumping in air 12.0
air_control_speed Max speed the tee can get in the air 5.0
air_control_accel Acceleration speed in air 1.5
air_friction Friction in the air 0.95
hook_length Length of the hook 380.0 pixels
hook_fire_speed How fast the hook is fired 80.0
hook_drag_accel Acceleration when hook is stuck 3.0
hook_drag_speed Drag speed of the hook 15.0
gravity Gravity of the teeworld 0.5
velramp_start Velocity ramp start 550.0
velramp_range Velocity ramp range 2000.0
velramp_curvature Velocity ramp curvature 1.4
player_collision Enable player collisions 1
player_hooking Enable player vs player hooking 1

Weapon tuning

Tuning Description Default Unit
gun_curvature Gun curvature 1.25
gun_speed Gun speed 2200.0 pixels / sec
gun_lifetime Gun lifetime 2.0 sec
shotgun_curvature Shotgun curvature 1.25
shotgun_speed Shotgun speed 2750.0 pixels / sec
shotgun_speeddiff Speed difference between shotgun bullets 0.8
shotgun_lifetime Shotgun lifetime 0.20 sec
grenade_curvature Grenade curvature 7.0
grenade_speed Grenade speed 1000.0 pixels / sec
grenade_lifetime Grenade lifetime 2.0 sec
laser_reach How long the laser can reach 800.0 pixels
laser_bounce_delay When bouncing, stop the laser this long 150.0 ms
laser_bounce_num How many times the laser can bounce 1.0
laser_bounce_cost Remove this much from reach when laser is bouncing 0.0 pixels
laser_damage Laser damage 5.0 damage