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Set up a server

  • Configure firewall/nat/router to let though 8303 (or the port you want). The master server will warn if players can't connect. Check http://portforward.com for help on setting up your router.
  • Create a configuration for your server. Add the settings you want (each line in the config represents a setting).
  • Start the server by running teeworlds_srv -f my_server_config.cfg


Q: How do I setup a LAN server?

Set sv_register to 0. This will make sure that it doesn't show up on the internet tab.

Q: Why doesn't my server show up in the server browser?

You have probably not setup your router correctly. See http://portforward.com for help.

Q: Why doesn't my 0.x.x-config work in 0.4.x?

The configuration file syntax has changed. Try replacing all the = with space, and read this documentation.

Example configurations

Sample DM config

sv_name Teeworlds sample dm
sv_map dm1
sv_scorelimit 20
sv_timelimit 10
sv_gametype dm
sv_rcon_password remember
sv_motd Teeworlds sample dm configuration
sv_max_clients 12
sv_spectator_slots 10

Sample TDM config

sv_name Teeworlds sample tdm
sv_map dm6
sv_scorelimit 50
sv_gametype tdm
sv_rcon_password remember
sv_motd Teeworlds sample tdm configuration

Sample CTF config

sv_name Teeworlds sample ctf
sv_map ctf2
sv_scorelimit 400
sv_gametype ctf
sv_rcon_password remember
sv_motd Teeworlds sample ctf configuration

Server settings and commands

For server settings see Server Settings and for server commands see Server Commands.