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Server Settings

There are lots of server settings to change all from the score limit, to the speed of the shotgun. This doc will show you what those are, not how to set up a server. Read the Server Setup doc to learn that. For server commands, see the Server Commands doc.


To change the game's physics, read the Server Tuning doc.


* means it can't be changed while running the server.

Settings Description Default
bindaddr * Address to bind ""
console_output_level Adjust the amount of messages in the console 0
logfile Filename to log all output to ""
logfile_timestamp Add a time stamp to the log file's name 0
net_tcp_abort_on_close Aborts tcp connection on close 0
password Password to connect to the server ""
sv_auto_demo_max Maximum number of automatically recorded demos (0 = no limit) 10
sv_auto_demo_record Automatically record demos 0
sv_external_port * Port to report to the master servers (e.g. in case of a firewall rename) 0
sv_high_bandwidth * Use high bandwidth mode. Doubles the bandwidth required for the server. LAN use only 0
sv_hostname Server hostname ""
sv_inactivekick How to deal with inactive clients (1=move player to spectator, 2=move to free spectator slot/kick, 3=kick) 2
sv_inactivekick_spec Kick inactive spectators 0
sv_inactivekick_time How many minutes to wait before taking care of inactive clients 3
sv_map_download_speed Number of map data packages a client gets on each request 8
sv_max_clients * Number of clients that can be connected to the server at the same time 12
sv_max_clients_per_ip Maximum number of clients with the same IP that can connect to the server 12
sv_motd Message of the day, shown in server info and when joining a server ""
sv_name Name of the server "unnamed server"
sv_port * Port the server will listen on 8303
sv_rcon_bantime The time a client gets banned if remote console authentication fails. 0 makes it just use kick 5
sv_rcon_max_tries Maximum number of tries for remote console authentication 3
sv_rcon_mod_password Remote console password for moderators (limited access) ""
sv_rcon_password Password to access the remote console (if not set, rcon is disabled) ""
sv_register Register server with master server for public listing 1
sv_silent_spectator_mode Mute join/leave message of spectator 1
sv_skill_level Skill level shown in serverbrowser (0 = casual, 1 = normal, 2 = competitive) 1
sv_spamprotection Spam protection 1


Settings Description Default
sv_countdown Number of seconds to freeze the game in a countdown before match starts (0 enables only for survival gamemodes, -1 disables) 0
sv_gametype Game type (dm, tdm, ctf, lms, lts) (This setting needs the map to be reloaded in order to take effect) dm
sv_map Map to use on the server dm1
sv_maprotation Maps to rotate between ""
sv_match_swap Swap teams between matches 1
sv_matches_per_map Number of matches on each map before rotating 1
sv_player_ready_mode When enabled, players can pause/unpause the game and start the game on warmup via their ready state 0
sv_player_slots Number of slots to reserve for players. Replaces sv_spectator_slots 8
sv_powerups Allow powerups like ninja 1
sv_respawn_delay_tdm Time needed to respawn after death in tdm gametype 3
sv_scorelimit Score limit of the game (0 disables it) 20
sv_strict_spectate_mode Restricts information like health, ammo and armour in spectator mode 0
sv_teambalance_time How many minutes to wait before autobalancing teams 1
sv_teamdamage Team damage 0
sv_timelimit Time limit of the game (in case of equal points there will be sudden death) (0 disables) 0
sv_tournament_mode Tournament mode. When enabled, players joins the server as spectator (2=additional restricted spectator chat) 0
sv_vote_kick Allow voting to kick players 1
sv_vote_kick_bantime The time to ban a player if kicked by vote. 0 makes it just use kick 5
sv_vote_kick_min Minimum number of players required to start a kick vote 0
sv_vote_spectate Allow voting to move players to spectators 1
sv_vote_spectate_rejoindelay How many minutes to wait before a player can rejoin after being moved to spectators by vote 3
sv_warmup Number of seconds to do warmup before match starts (0 disables, -1 all players ready) 0

External console

Settings Description Default
ec_bindaddr Address to bind the external console to. Anything but 'localhost' is dangerous! localhost
ec_port Port to use for the external console
ec_password External console password
ec_bantime The time a client gets banned if econ authentication fails. 0 just closes the connection 0
ec_auth_timeout Time in seconds before the the econ authentication times out 30
ec_output_level Adjusts the amount of information in the external console 1