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Server Commands

To kick players from the server and to do other similar things, you have to use the server commands. This doc will show you these. If you want to know how to set up a server, read the Server Setup doc. For server settings, see the Server Settings doc.


Command Syntax Description
broadcast broadcast text Broadcast the text
echo echo text Print a text in console
eval_if eval_if config comparison value command else command Execute command if condition is true
exec exec file Execute the commands in the file
logout logout Logout of rcon
mod_command mod_command command (access-level) Specify command accessibility for moderators
mod_status mod_status List all commands which are accessible for moderators
record record filename Start a recording to the specified file (omit filename to use timestamp)
save_config save_config [file] Save config to file (or default file if none)
say say text Send a chat message
shutdown shutdown [reason] Shut the server down
stoprecord stoprecord Stop the recording
toggle toggle config_option value1 value2 Toggle config value
tune tune variable [value] Tune the variable or show its current value. See the Server Tuning doc
tune_reset tune_reset [variable] Reset all or one tuning variable to default
tunes tunes List all tuning variables and their values


Command Syntax Description
change_map change_map mapname Change to the specified map
force_teambalance force_teambalance Force team balance
lock_teams lock_teams Lock/unlock teams
paused paused Pause/unpause game
reload reload Reload the map
restart restart [time] Restart the round (-1 = abort)
set_team set_team client_id team_id Move a player to a specific team (0 = red, 1 = blue, -1 = spectators)
set_team_all set_team_all team_id Move all players to a specific team
shuffle_teams shuffle_teams Shuffle the current teams
swap_teams swap_teams Swap the current teams


Command Syntax Description
ban ban ip/id minutes Ban the ip from the server for the given time
bans bans Show a list of bans
bans_save bans_save file Save banlist in a file
kick kick id Kick the user with the specified id directly
status status List the player's id, ip, name and score
unban unban ip Unban the ip


Command Syntax Description
add_vote add_vote description command Add a vote option for the provided command with the provided description ( description is optional)
clear_votes clear votes remove all vote options
force_vote force_vote type option/player_id reason Force a certain vote to be executed immediately (type can be "option", "kick" or "spectate")
remove_vote remove_vote command remove a vote option
vote vote yes/no Force the end result of the vote to yes/no