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Support Rules

First of all, you need to determine where to go. These are all the various ways of getting support.

The Forum

The Forum is to be used for all and any issues related to installing, building, setting up or playing the game. The support sub-forum is primarily run by the community, but a developer might answer your question if there is no prior information on the subject. Search properly before you ask! If no-one responds to your post, it's very likely that your issue has been addressed before, and that you just suck at searching. Also read the Forum rules.

The IRC channel

This is the preferred way for asking about minor issues, or general game information. You will under no circumstance be given "personal" support from any of the developers -- all questions are to be made in the public channel, so that all can help out. For further information, see the IRC rules.

Contacting the developers

The contact e-mail is not intended for support of any kind. It is very unlikely you will get a reply.

Things you'll never get help with

  • Server hosting
  • Security issues
  • Compiling / porting the game to unsupported platforms
  • Settling player disputes ("abuse")
  • Anything not written in English

Things you'll get limited help with

  • Unofficial modifications of the game, or custom servers (in the Mods subforum)