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Server Rules

After some issues with mods, this ruleset has been established for servers in the server list:

  • A modified Teeworlds server must not use a standard gametype (dm, tdm, ctf, lms, lts)
  • 0.6.x and previous: The player count shown must resemble the amount of human players. The maximum player count must be the maximum number of human players.
  • 0.7.x and later: You can also include non-human players using a special bot flag. This allows client-side filtering.
  • Do not host an excessive amount of servers. There is no fixed limit but try to not overdo it. (i.e. there should be people playing on them eventually)
  • Do not host servers purely for advertising purposes (e.g. passworded & having only an advertisement as name; having sponsoring info or the likes in the server name is perfectly fine).

Servers violating this ruleset will be banned.

You can check out the list of masterserver bans at https://teeworlds.com/master-bans.cfg if you have any doubt.

If you wish to be notified about problems with your server(s) you may provide a contact email address in your MOTD.