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IRC Rules

These are the rules for #teeworlds on Quakenet:

  • Follow quakenet rules, you can find them at http://www.quakenet.org/faq/faq.php?c=136
  • Speak english, so everyone can understand what you say.
  • Be relevant, this is not a a channel about anything, it's about teeworlds.
  • Don't priv msg, if anyone knows and have time, they will answer any question posted in the channel, so everyone can see it.
  • Don't advertise about other channels/goods/websites except if it's relevant to the discussion.
  • No away msg, we don't care where you went.
  • (No away nicks), not a hard rule, but it's just unnecessary with away nicks.
  • No auto-rejoin, it's just rude. It's punishable with a swift new kick and ban.
  • No begging, don't beg for voice, op etc, it's just rude and counter productive.
  • Ops are never wrong, if they are, they are still right.

Punishments starts with a kick and can lead to a temporary ban. If the offense is severe, there will be a permanent ban.