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Map Editor Reference


Mouse means hold and drag, click is just a simple click.

Main view

Command Description
Alt + Mouse Move around the map
Ctrl + O Open map
Ctrl + S Save map
Ctrl + H Toggle high detail
Ctrl + M Toggle animation
Ctrl + P Toggle proof
- Zoom out
* Zoom to normal and remove editor offset
+ Zoom in
N Flip brush horizontal
M Flip brush vertical
R Rotate the brush counter clockwise
T Rotate the brush clockwise
Space Shows the tileset of the current layer
Mouse without brush Drag and select a brush
Click with brush Draw the brush
Right click with brush Clean the brush
Tab Hide/show the menu and sidebar
F10 Take a screenshot


Command Description
Mouse Move quad
Shift + Mouse Move pivot
Shift + Click Select multiple pivots
Ctrl + Mouse Rotate quad


Command Description
Mouse Move the Y axis
Shift + Mouse Move the X and Y axis