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Compiling Teeworlds on Linux

IMPORTANT NOTE: SDL and Freetype libs are not shipped with Teeworlds 0.7.x. You must download them separately.

Q: What is bam?

Bam is the build system made by matricks used in Teeworlds.


  1. Use your package manager (apt-get, emerge or whatever is used on your distribution) to install the following (you will need the header files):
    • gcc
    • g++
    • python
    • alsa (asound)
    • gl
    • glu
    • x11
    • libsdl2
    • freetype
  2. Download and unzip Teeworlds source or Teeworlds latest source
  3. Download and unzip bam to teeworlds-version/bam
  4. Compiling bam
    • $ cd bam
    • $ ./make_unix.sh
    • $ cd ..

Compiling Teeworlds v0.7.x

  1. cd teeworlds-version
    • Changes to the teeworlds source directory
  2. ./bam/bam config
    • Runs bam configuration
  3. ./bam/bam conf=release
    • Compiles teeworlds (Client and Server)
    • conf=debug will build the debug version
    • Available targets for release and debug:
      • game(default)
      • server
      • client
      • content
      • masterserver
      • tools
    • To build the tools and master server in release mode use the following arguments:
      • conf=release tools masterserver
    • Flag -f will force a recompile
    • You may specify the architecture using arch, e.g. arch=x86 or arch=x86_64.
  4. The compiled game is located at teeworlds-version/build/<arch>

Compiling Teeworlds v0.6.x and earlier

  1. cd teeworlds-version
    • Changes to the teeworlds source directory
  2. ./bam/bam release
    • Compiles teeworlds (Client and Server)
    • Available targets for release and debug:
      • release (for all in release mode)
      • debug (for all in debug mode)
      • server_release
      • server_debug
      • client_release
      • client_debug
  3. The compiled game is located in teeworlds-version

Note: Teeworlds 0.5.2 and earlier requires python 2.x to compile. Python 3.x will not work. Python 3.x support is introduced with Teeworlds 0.6.0.

Note: If you are using bam 0.2.0 (needed for Teeworlds 0.5.2 and earlier) the bam binary will not be in the bam directory, but in bam/src. You will need to change the paths accordingly to that or copy/move the bam executable to the bam directory.