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Client Commands

There are lots of client commands that can be executed in the console, or in the configuration file. This doc shows them all. If you look for client settings, read the Client Settings doc. To find out how to find the config file, read the Client Config doc.


All these commands can be executed in the console. To open the console, press the console-key (f1 is default).


Command Syntax Description
echo echo text Print out the text to the console
exec exec file Execute the commands in the specified file
eval_if eval_if config comparison value command else command Execute command if condition is true
quit quit Quit Teeworlds
exit exit Quit Teeworlds
minimize minimize Minimize Teeworlds
screenshot screenshot Take a screenshot
save_config save_config [file] Save config to file (or default file if none)
toggle toggle config_option value1 value2 Toggle config value
+toggle +toggle config_option value1 value2 Toggle config value via keypress
snd_toggle snd_toggle Toggle sounds on and off


Command Syntax Description
connect connect host:port Connect to the specified server
disconnect disconnect Disconnect from the server
ping ping Ping the server
rcon rcon command Execute the command in rcon
rcon_auth rcon_auth password Authenticate with rcon
add_favorite add_favorite host:port [password] Add the server as a favorite, optionally saving the password
remove_favorite remove_favorite host:port Remove the server from your favorites


Command Syntax Description
+left +left Move left
+right +right Move right
+jump +jump Jump
+hook +hook Fire hook
+fire +fire Fire a shot
+weapon1 +weapon1 Switch to weapon 1 (hammer)
+weapon2 +weapon2 Switch to weapon 2 (gun)
+weapon3 +weapon3 Switch to weapon 3 (shotgun)
+weapon4 +weapon4 Switch to weapon 4 (grenade launcher)
+weapon5 +weapon5 Switch to weapon 5 (rifle)
+nextweapon +nextweapon Switch to the next weapon
+prevweapon +prevweapon Switch to the previous weapon
+scoreboard +scoreboard Show the scoreboard
+stats +stats Show stats
team team team_id Switch to the specified team (0 = red, 1 = blue, -1 = spectators)
ready_change ready_change Change ready state
kill kill Respawn


Command Syntax Description
say say message Send a global chat message
say_self say_self message Send a chat message just to yourself
say_team say_team message Send a chat message to your team
chat chat all/team Enable chat in the chosen mode
+show_chat +show_chat Show more chat messages
chat_command chat_command command arguments Execute a chat command with arguments
+emote +emote Open emote selector
emote emote number Send a specific emote
callvote callvote type value Call a vote
vote vote yes/no Vote yes or no
add_friend add_friend name clan Add the player to your friendlist
remove_friend remove_friend name clan Remove the player from your friendlist
add_ignore add_ignore name clan Add the player to your ignorelist
remove_ignore remove_ignore name clan Remove the player from your ignorelist

Key binds

Command Syntax Description
bind bind key command Bind the command to the key
unbind unbind key Unbind the key
unbindall unbindall Unbind all the keys
binds binds List all key binds


Command Syntax Description
+spectate +spectate Show the spectator mode selector
spectate spectate client_id Spectate the player corresponding to client_id (-1 = freeview)
spectate_next spectate_next Spectate the next player
spectate_previous spectate_previous Spectate the previous player
set_position set_position index x y Set saved camera position at index to be the position (x, y)


Command Syntax Description
toggle_local_console toggle_local_console Toggle the local console
clear_local_console clear_local_console Clear the local console
dump_local_console dump_local_console Write local console contents to a text file
toggle_remote_console toggle_remote_console Toggle the remote console
clear_remote_console clear_remote_console Clear the remote console
dump_remote_console dump_remote_console Write remote console contents to a text file

Demo recorder/player

Command Syntax Description
play play filename Play the file in the demo player
record record filename Start a recording to the specified file (omit filename to use timestamp)
stoprecord stoprecord Stop the recording
add_demomarker add_demomarker Add a demo marker at the current time (while recording a demo)

Startup commands

To start Teeworlds on Windows with the debug console open, use teeworlds.exe -c or teeworlds.exe --console. It is also possible to add the parameter to a windows shortcut.