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Teeworlds is a free online multiplayer game, available for all major operating systems. Battle with up to 16 players in a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps!

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(posted by: Oy) | 2013-05-01
So finally here comes the 0.6.2 release. And like previously announced this is more or less a maintenance release. Most important changes are the following:


  • Added envelope options (synchronized, starting when player joins)

  • Improved ban system (range bans, save them)

  • Added logout command

  • Added swap/shuffle/(un)lock team commands

  • Added threaded rendering

  • Switched client and highlight chat sound

  • Store tunings within demos

  • Added a command to toggle config values

  • Show only chat messages from friends

  • Added pause game command

  • Added demo markers

  • Improved editor (f.e. envelope preview, map info)

  • Auto adjust resolution on first start

  • Added borderless window functionality

  • Show user authlevel on status command

  • Adjust cpu usage via cl_cpu_throttle


  • Loud noise on endround

  • Couple of editor fixes (f.e. large memory leaks)

  • Building with minGW

  • Win64 building

  • x86_64 bulding on mac

  • Clang support

  • Server browser (f.e. better/faster sorting, missing entries on windows)

  • Memory corruption on snd_buffer_size command

  • Playing multiple chat sounds result in loud noise

  • Possible econ buffer overflow

  • Initialisation of big maps

  • Exploit that let you see the health/ammo of an opponent

  • Show active vote when joining a server

  • Spam via player leave message

  • Count spectators in the server browser

  • Limit characters within player names to ascii range to prevent utf8 impersonating

  • Create loud noise via no ammo sound

  • Prevent downloading a map on a password protected server without entering it

  • Join/quit server flooding

  • Popups lead to frozen GUI

  • Client crash on removing friends

  • Player spam votes, chat msgs etc. without entering the game

  • Better chat msg spam protection

  • Server crash in tdm

Thanks to BeaR, bnn, Choupom, cytral, eeeee, fisted, ghost91, GreYFoX, heinrich5991, matricks, PsychoGod, stephank, SushiTee and Teetime who contributed to this release.

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