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(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2011-07-26
Changes that might be more interesting than others are marked green, the four most interesting changes are bold.


  • Reimplemented the menu music by teetow (1a5d7045)

  • Added spectate_next and spectate_previous to the control settings (2e09bd6b)

  • Fixed the map download dialog (ffe40db0)

  • Fixed the 'need restart' warning in settings (2179ae01)

  • Fixed a problem with line input (65d312fd)


  • Added the automapping feature (7bc07b61)

  • Added ability to name groups and layers (d78c0d66)

  • Added maximum zoom level for the editor (193fb192)

  • Added layer/image scrolling via mouse wheel (ef881a53)

  • Added possibility to collapse groups by double clicking on them (f7a9e801)

  • Fixed the <Shift> key only changing the time of the point and not his value for envelopes in map editor (876eac10)

  • Fixed an editor crash (bbd7a758, 694be7df)

  • Removed load/save binds in the editor because they were often accidently used (896ef2f2)


  • Added the strict game type filter (9fb36fd8)

  • Added ability to click on friends to show their servers (fb309436)

  • Added ability to filter by country (123eab41)


  • Added different mouse sens for menus/editor (7648ba30)

  • Made envelopes synchronized between clients (7b87cfa6)

  • Fixed clipping issues on some machines (a3fec2f9)

  • Fixed, so chat and teamchat can be distinguished in console messages (15e1d4f1)

  • Fixed a tuning issue with demos (e18390fe)

  • Made tab completion using nicks with the typed begin first (e1ef01f6)


  • Added moderator support for the remote console (1ae47468))

  • Added external console (a0a62bcd, b0fdc409, 2ba6fbd7)

  • Made rcon completion serverside (571dff62)

  • Added a message when an admin forces a vote (a6dc6f34)

  • Added possibility to deny team changing after a set_team for a certain time, added server setting to do the same for the spectator vote (14f98a9d)

  • Added server side automatic demo recording (e266c1b0)

  • Fixed, so that the chat emote can't be abused anymore (8d5badc2)

  • Fixed, so that spectator votes are aborted when the player leaves (348806d9)

  • Fixed ban for live (1705c90e)

  • Made it possible to restrict player information in spectator mode (957b81af)


  • Fixed "no such cmd ''" on empty lines in cfgs (d5b38048)


  • Made the dropped flag blink faster the last 5 seconds to indicate that it's about to return (ac9c3b8f)

  • Fixed a problem with player collision (7db6d1e0)

  • Improved sudden death in CTF (c10c7d9a)


  • Added more than ~200 new country flags (38202d97)

  • Bug fixes for jungle doodads and death tiles (d5e065b6)


  • Added a script to fix all header guards (e6f0318b)

  • Added emoticons names to the emoticons enum (instead of numbers) (63e059b8)

  • Added ability to call all the scripts from anywhere (1850851a, baa2e650)

  • Fixed header guards in some files (e6f0318b)

  • Fixed line endings and some whitespace (06115dd4)

  • Fixed, so 'structs are structs and classes are classes' (c2f75b00)

  • Fixed build on GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU Hurd (ee50ab5b, 40330fd7)

  • Fixed tcp (83d8422c)

  • Refactored editor file names (0c6f187e)

  • Updated scripts/tw_api.py for 0.6 (d6f34cba)