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(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2011-07-20
A lot is happening in teeworlds development even though you might not notice it; developers are making so called "pull-requests" via github. Those "pull requests" either fix bugs or add new features. Some of these new features have been heavily discussed. One of the very interesting pull requests was merged recently:

by LordSkelethom

Have you dreamed about only having to mark out positions of files and then let the editor add graphics? This will become reality with LordSkelethom's automapper in 0.6.1.

Obviously the automapper won't set the tiles randomly, it sets the tiles based on a rule file. If you want to use the automapper with the standard tilesets, that's no problem. LordSkelethom has provided rule files for them all. However, if you want to use custom tilesets, you'd have to create your own rule files.

Here some pictures of ctf1 to explain how it works (in the order: default/grass, desert, jungle, desert):

To access the automapper simply put some tiles into a layer, right-click on the layer and select 'auto map'. A list will show up, containing all rule files, that are available for this tileset.

Kind regards,
Kottizen and heinrich5991